Wednesday, March 04, 2009

E-book launch


We know you've all been waiting with bated breaths for this special moment. Some of you thought this day would never come. But, alas!, the time has finally arrived...for the launch of All Good Things Die In L.A. This fast-paced and cinematic story centers around three ambitious characters who all want to desperately make it in L.A. Unfortunately, the city of angels isn't as glamorous as it seems. Save some trees and read guilt-free by downloading this novel as an e-book. You spend half your life in front of a computer anyway, what's a few more hours? This way you can read the book at your office or school when you're "working". You can also download it onto a portable e-book reader or even an iphone if you're fancy like that.

Read the book here!


angel, jr. said...

Hey congrats!

general contractor san jose said...
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